Geechie Gurl
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Geechie Gurl is the creator and facilitator for Generation YEP...Youth Engaged and Proactive. We produce youth who are equipped with skills and confidence to compete, lead and succeed in a diverse and peaceful society.
 We use the power of social media, leadership opportunities, workshops, community events, and educational excursions to accomplish this mission.

"If I can't serve, then I don't deserve. We're not trying to save the world. The world will save itself when EVERY person helps one person."
Erica Alcox, M.A. School Administration
Doing what needs to be done!!
Visit us at the Impact Center 4870 Piedmont Ave, N. Chas, SC !
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Our partnership with The Charleston Promise Neighborhood supports First Lady Michelle Obama’s initiative “Let’s Move”. Our B.A.M.! program seeks to instruct students in physical health and wellness incorporating dance and movement. 
Help build a legacy by purchasing an iEducate Tee or a container of Sticks N Stones from The Charleston Crunch Co. Students are involved with the marketing and sales of products in order to help with tuition while learning the business to gain work experience. A true work based learning approach!
A hand UP...
never a hand out!
Sticks N Stones is a savory and sweet combination of Lowcountry Pretzels and pralines from The Charleston Crunch Co.